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Download older Sublime Merge (in 2022)


Does anyone know how to access downloads for older Sublime Merge releases on the current web site? The only link on the download page is for the most recent build, but I need a slightly older version because the maintenance period on my license recently expired.

I found this link to an answered question from 2020 saying you can just change the version number in the download URL: Download Older Sublime Merge. Unfortunately, the latest download link now looks like, so there is no version number to replace.



You can still click on direct link, copy the desired link target and replace build number.



Silly me, I saw a link called “direct link”, so it just seemed logical to right-click “Copy Link” the “direct link” and paste that in. I can’t believe I missed something so intuitively obvious as a “direct link” that isn’t a link at all, but just an action that allows you to actually see the hidden direct links!

DISCLAIMER: The above sarcasm is directed at the Sublime Merge download page for a very arcane way of providing access to previous versions. It is in no way intended to apply to the answer provided by @deathaxe, who I thank very much for helping me find this.