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Downgrade to 4126 with pacman [SOLVED]



I bought a license of Sublime Text on April 10th 2019.
I want to fit to the latest “legal” release for me, that, according to the license agreement I presume is the latest in that 3 year window.

So 4126, that was released in December 21th 2021.

I use Manjaro Linux and added the stable repo with the procedure described in

I didn’t check the 3 year limit, and Sublime Text was updated every time I update my hole Linux system.
Now I want to rollback to 4126 (via pacman) and make an exclusion to don’t allow this to upgrade further.

How can I do ?




At least, any link to the 4126 package for Arch Linux?

Maybe I could install it manually and then block its upgrade in pamac graphic package manager.



I would imagine that telling your distro to install a specific version and to pin it at that version is distribution specific and not related directly to Sublime. I’m not entirely sure because I don’t use those packaged versions personally and just manually install the tarballs.

In any case, has links to all of the direct downloads, and the URL contains the build number. So, if you go there you can find the URL for the latest version and sub in 4126 for the build.



The link you provided only hosts the final version of each category.

I finally made myself with a solution.

I check in my filesystem in the /var/cache/pacman/pkg directory for previously downloaded packages.
I was lucky and the 4126 was there.

So, I unisntalled the last version of Sublime Text with the command :

pacman -Rnns sublime-text

Then I manually installed the package from my filemanager with the menu option “Open with Software Install”

Then, there I go to the Preferences Menu of the PAMAC graphical package manager and added and Ignored Upgrades entry for sublime-text package.

Thanks anyway.



Well I mean, you click the link for the format that you want to download, it takes you to a page that says:

Clicking the link opens up a little panel showing you the direct links:

If you right click on any of them and choose the option to copy the link, you end up with something like , and then you manually change 4143 (in this case) with 4126 to get and there you go.

Google also provided this link when I searched for “pacman install specific version from custom repo”: thoughI don’t use that distro or that package manager, so I don’t know how helpful that advice is.

In any case, glad you got your problem solved.