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Does Sublime use ctags in feature "Go to Anything"[Cmd+P]


I’m reading Android Source Code, and I found the tag file-[.tags] generated by Ctags is so large(about 2GB).
I found the feature “Go to Anything”[Cmd+P] is too slow to navigate to a file, when the Source Code is on my NAS.
I guess the feature “Go to Anything”[Cmd+P] is not use the .tags file to indexing a file navigating. Event though the .tags file is large, and if we use binary search to navigate to a file, it is fast enough.
So I thought Sublime is using itself real time indexing to traverse the folder, and it is so slow when the folder is on a NAS.
And, why Sublime does not use Ctags [.tags]?



Somebody answer me?



goto-anything doesn’t access the disk for getting the list of files; only the preview would be affected by a slow file system which is the case regardless of where the list of files originates from.