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Does anyone have some sort of mapping between the theme class names and where they are in the user interface?


I’ve read the documentation here:

And I’ve been able to achieve some of the customization I want, but in most cases, I can’t find which class name I need in order to change a section of the interface. I’m manly just trying to make the background of the summary tab a bit darker, but so it still looks nice; I’ve been able to color the main section how I want with this rule:

        "class": "details_panel",
        "layer0.tint": "#23282E",

And I have changed a few other backgrounds similarly, but I can’t seem to find the right class name to change other areas, like the background of the commit message typing box.

Does anyone have some sort of map to reference this? even just an annotated screenshot?

I think having themes available would be fantastic and encourage users to buy more licenses (I have a license) but as it is right now it seems super difficult to find the class names you need.

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I’m not aware of anything like this, though you can use Preferences > Edit Settings from the menu and add in this setting:

    "log_control_tree": true,

With the setting in place, in Merge you can ctrl+alt+click on things and the console (Tools> Show Console) will log the control tree for the thing you clicked on, which can help you narrow in on what needs to be changed in the theme.

That said, the summary tab, commit message, etc are I beleive not controlled by the theme but instead by a color scheme. If you look inside of the default theme package that ships with merge, there are files in there such as Commit Message - Merge.sublime-settings that assign a color scheme (either Mariana or Breakers, depending on dark or light theme), and the colors come from there.

Merge shares a common base with Sublime Text, so you can augment your Merge color schemes in the same way as in Text.