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Dockerfile syntax highlighting broken


After updating to the latest stable release of Sublime Text (4143), the Dockerfile syntax highlighting plugin v1.6.3 stopped working. Opening a dockerfile now by default uses the .YAML syntax-highlighting option, which doesn’t really highlight anything. Choosing the Dockerfile from the toggle menu doesn’t highlight keywords.

This used to work automatically prior to the last release. How do I revert?



I can’t confirm that here; I also use that package and nothing has changed. From looking at the underlying files, the syntax is not inheriting from anything in the core, and the core YAML syntax doesn’t declare that it knows anything about Dockerfiles at all, so there should be no cross interaction there.

Do you have any third party packages installed that might be trying to apply syntax to things or similar? I presume the package is not in the list of ignored_packages in your preferences if you can see it in the menu.

Regarding reverting, copy the direct download link to the current version and change the build number in the URL to be the one that you want to go back to.