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Displaying diagrams in sublime


Is there any way to display diagrams in sublime text 4?
This kind of support exists in other code editors (even to the point of an actual editor in vscode). personally i find it very comfortable to have my design right alongside my code while writing it.
Perhaps there’s a package I missed that implements that?



Technically possible with an imaginary plugin.



This should be possible with Formatter

I am the author of this plugin and for a very short time here.
You might need to add “plain” or “text” as syntaxes as there is no specific syntax highlighting plugin for drawio.

"drawio": {
    "info": "",
    "disable": false,
    "format_on_save": false,
    "format_on_paste": false,
    "syntaxes": ["drawio", "plain"],
    "type": "graphic",
    "render_extended": true,
    "executable_path": ["/Applications/"],
    "config_path": {
        "default": "${packages}/User/formatter.assets/config/drawio_rc.yaml"
    /* executable_path for macosx is /Applications/, no dark-theme for png. */

Version 1.4.3, that includes drawio, is on the way to Packages Control in ca. 1 hour for download.

Hope that helps.

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