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Display full path in sidebar



I invariably use Projects, and drag in folders – all great.

But I have to edit 90+ files in 90+ folders and have dragged them all painstakingly into the editor and now see a list of 90+ files in the sidebar, but with no idea which file is which (when only their path differs).

If I hover a file in the sidebar, I see J:\my-lovely-path\to-here\is-this\index.html. This is excellent, but, with no hover I see only index.html, about 90 times.

Is there no way to show all paths in this scenario?

Thanks, cheers, Alan



You could give each of those 90 top-level folder an individual display name by eighter adding a "name" key to the sublime-project file or use Folder Aliaser package to do so more conviniently (as far as renaming 90 folders can be called convinient).

To get the full path, duplicating path and renaming keys in sublime-project might work.

			"name": "C:\\Apps\\Sublime Text\\Data\\Packages",
			"path": "C:\\Apps\\Sublime Text\\Data\\Packages",