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Display a notification when the result of an action makes your changes disappear


Today I must have accidentally pressed a shortcut and Sublime Merge proceeded to delete all the changes I had been working on over the past hour. It took me a long time to figure out what happened, I thought my drive was corrupted or that I had accidentally reset all my changes.

Eventually I’ve realised that Sublime Merge had stashed my changes, which means I’ve probably pressed Ctrl+S. That’s nice, but I think Sublime Merge should not do actions that have terrifying outcomes silently - it’s not a small deal to make all changes disappear.

It should either ask for confirmation or, better, display a notification that the changes have been stashed. Not creating this kind of default shortcuts would be good too.



Stashes don’t delete anything, they only stash things for later use. You can see the created stash in the commit list and easily pop it using ctrl+shift+s or pressing the pop stash button in the top bar.



I know what a stash is and I know I can get it back. My point is that SM stashed changes without displaying any notification because I’ve accidentally pressed some keys (I didn’t know why ones). All I could see what that all my changes were gone and there was no explanation why. Making user data disappear without notification (even if can be retrieved) is bad. Does that make sense?



At least it’s animated, and the fact of performing stash commands go down in history of actions: click on that little icon on the left of status field “Show Git Output”. :man_shrugging: