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Disable menu "flash" when executing macro or shortcut


When I type certain commands there is a “flash” at one of the the menu heading and I’d like to disable that. For e.g., I have MarkdownEditing installed and when I type “# test” and then a carriage return, there is a flash under “tools” – I am guessing that some macro is invoked when a carriage return follows that header line and the flash indicates that its been invoked. Is there a settings option to disable that flash? With lots of macros running behind the scenes those are a bit distracting.



I’m not aware of any such setting, but I’ve also never seen the menu flash like that either (though I don’t use that particular package); executing macros shouldn’t require any access to the menu of any kind. Is that the only package that does this?



Hi, To your question, no, I see the menu activation “flash” with commands that I think are independent of the MarkdownEditing package. For instance, in a plaintext document, if I copy a block of text using command + c, the “edit” menu flashes; when pasting with command + v, it flashes again… This is something I can live with but curious that you’re not seeing the same behavior.