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Diff view: indicate what's on the left and what's on the right



I am an old CLI GIT user and I am trying Sublime Merge (which, from my point of view, has a very nice interface).

That said, I am quite disoriented with the diff view.

Let say that I execute the following command from the CLI:

`git difftool -y --tool=meld 4f706f8 af61421`

This will open Meld. And I’ll get the version of the file at commit 4f706f8 to the left, and the version at commit af61421 to the right (based on the order in which the commits IDs appear on the command line).

Now, if I select 2 commits on the Sublime Merge interface, it is not obvious which version is presented to the left and which version is presented to the right.

It seems that the oldest commit is shown to the left and the newest to the right. But this is a guess based on what I see.

It would be nice to have the commit ID printed on top of the view area, along with the branch name if we select commits from different branches.





This sounds like a nice usability enhancement.

The best place to make an enhancement request like this is on the issue tracker, so that it won’t get lost in the shuffle on the forum. You can get there by using Help > Report a bug from the menu.



Adapted from my commend in the issue linked below:

The top section contains key/value pairs for various pieces of information. Every value pertains to the right hand side (or the ‘diff-to’/additive portion) except the Diffing From row. Therefore, the Diffing From value is the commit hash on the left and Commit Hash is the commit hash on the right. This is not exactly ideal, but the information is currently there albeit in odd locations.



Hello Srbs,

I see what you maen:

$ gls
2e1b9ed Add new doc
686a257 Add doc. Mes message for 6ff4a8f.
29519fe generate conflicts with feature
fb3f4ba This is the new message. New message for 6ff4a8f.
6ff4a8f first import
14bd895 initial commit

It’s OK, but it’s not obvious. It would be easier if:

In the “DIFF area” (red rentangle):

The oldest commit is always to the left, and the newer to the right (that’s the case).

In the “DIFF header area” (blue rectangle):

Data about the left commit is printed to the left (including the commit message).
Data about the right commit is printed to the right (including the commit message).

This way things would be obvious.