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Dev Build 3154


Dev Build 3154 is out now at

3154 features a new Command Palette, where you can now provide input to commands. For a taste, try the new Arithmetic command: you can enter an expression, see the results as you type, and then insert the result into the file. Furthermore, you can use the variables x and i. For example:

  • x + 1 will increment the selected number. Press Ctrl+Y (Cmd+Y on Mac) to repeat the command, and the number will increment again.
  • Use multiple selections in conjunction with the expression i + 1 to insert a 1 in the first selection, a 2 in the second selection, etc.

As well as text inputs, commands can take list inputs. Try the new command View Package File to see this in action. Even better use View Package File to open and take a look at the new API. Documentation is available at

Commands can also take multiple inputs, and with a bit of work you can build a tree structured navigation system out of the new API too. Another nice feature, but not used in any of the provided plugins, is the ability to use HTML for the preview text: just return sublime.Html("hello<br>world") from your input handler’s preview() function.

Also changed in 3154 is the fuzzy matching algorithm (as used by the Command Palette and Goto Anything), where you can now enter space separated terms, and each will be matched independently. e.g., “hw” will match “Hello World”, and now “w h” will also match it (but “wh” would not).

The default color schemes have now been converted to the .sublime-color-scheme format, and there’s now a tool to convert your own too: open a .tmTheme file, and select “Convert Color Scheme” from the Command Palette. As an aside, you can create hidden color schemes (e.g., to apply to widgets, but not be user selectable) in the new format by using the .hidden-color-scheme extension.



We are on step closer to perfection :heart_eyes:

Is it possible to make the file search the same size as the first picture? would be great to be able to see the full file path for files deep in vendor files.



I was wondering if there are going to be foreground-only “colorish” regions in future builds? They would be useful for errors and warnings in output panels, since there are no other scopes you can rely on.

Example from LSP, would love to get rid of the backgrounds:



Looks like this build broke copy and paste for me. Running 3154 on macOS 10.12.6.

Edit: Something was up with macOS. Apparently after restarting any app, copy and paste no longer worked. :grimacing:



The preview doesn’t appear to be displaying correctly for me (DA UI v0.9.2, macOS 10.11.6):

Not sure if it’s an issue with the theme or a bug with Sublime. Works as expected using the Default theme.

Ping @ihodev



Sorry, currently I don’t have time to investigate that, but it looks like not only DA UI is affected.

At first glance new command palette requires some changes to existing themes.



LSP uses markup.error, markup.warning and to highlight errors/warnings/infos and should keep doing so! They are normally meant to be foreground only scopes as they are meant for use with added regions (underlining, gutter icons) to markup parts in a text. There is no need to introduce anything new for it, but only include those scopes into color schemes.

Same with markup.added, markup.deleted, markup.changed, markup.ignored and markup.untracked as used by GitGutter to highlight the same kind of text areas.




Bug: Command Palette grows to 85% width of window

With Build 3154 running on Linux: The Command Palette now grows in width in proportion to the width of the window, or width of the view in a multi-column layout, so that it is approx. 85% of the width of the window/view regardless of how wide the window/view is.

e.g. With a one column layout in distraction free mode, on my 2560 x 1440 monitor, this results in a Command Palette which is a somewhat ridiculous 2043 pixels wide.

All the other overlays, Show Files, GoTo, etc., are the normal widths.

Please note: The screenshot shows that I am using the Boxy theme, but the problem still occurs with no theme loaded, the ST Default theme that is, with a restart done after turning the theme off, to be sure of no interference.



I’ve got no such target scope:source.css#rule-list-body on almost any syntaxes (html, markdown, etc).

No problem with 3153 (I’ve downgraded and it’s ok).



Most likely because using a 3rd-party CSS syntax.



Hmm hmm, thank you! I’ll have a try so. :slight_smile: I use CSS3 indeed.



I agree, but then those scopes should be part of the guidelines and included in the default color schemes, and they’re not. I guess I shouldn’t ask for a specific solution, but rather anything that enables packages to reliably style error/warning/deleted markup. Now we throw 3 or 4 scopes at it in hope that one of them sticks. Given the thousands of legacy color schemes I kinda see region.colorish as a reliable fallback, and markup.something as the way forward.



Is it just me, or does opening the Command Palette no longer give it typing focus by default? So you have to click on it to type in it?



I get typing focus by default.



probably something odd in my setup then, thanks

edit: yeah, restarting ST fixed it, so I guess we can chalk it down to the usual dodginess after an ST auto update on Windows



I can confirm this on Windows build 15063. This is a almost vanilla install with only Package control installed:


DPI scale: 1
startup, version: 3154 windows x32 channel: dev
executable: /D/User/Dropbox/Applications/SoftwareVersioning/SublimeText/Old Builds/3154/sublime_text.exe
working dir: /D/User/Dropbox/Applications/SoftwareVersioning/SublimeText/Old Builds/3154
packages path: /C/Users/Professional/AppData/Roaming/Sublime Text 3/Packages
state path: /C/Users/Professional/AppData/Roaming/Sublime Text 3/Local
zip path: /D/User/Dropbox/Applications/SoftwareVersioning/SublimeText/Old Builds/3154/Packages
zip path: /C/Users/Professional/AppData/Roaming/Sublime Text 3/Installed Packages
ignored_packages: ["Vintage"]
generating syntax summary
generating meta info summary
pre session restore time: 5.46924
startup time: 5.71224
first paint time: 5.72024
font face "Times" could not be found, defaulting to "Consolas"
reloading plugin Default.arithmetic
reloading plugin Default.auto_indent_tag
reloading plugin Default.block
reloading plugin Default.colors
reloading plugin Default.comment
reloading plugin Default.convert_color_scheme
reloading plugin Default.convert_syntax
reloading plugin Default.copy_path
reloading plugin Default.delete_word
reloading plugin Default.detect_indentation
reloading plugin Default.duplicate_line
reloading plugin Default.echo
reloading plugin Default.exec
reloading plugin Default.fold
reloading plugin Default.font
reloading plugin Default.goto_line
reloading plugin Default.history_list
reloading plugin Default.indentation
reloading plugin Default.install_package_control
reloading plugin Default.kill_ring
reloading plugin Default.mark
reloading plugin Default.new_templates
reloading plugin Default.open_context_url
reloading plugin Default.open_in_browser
reloading plugin Default.pane
reloading plugin Default.paragraph
reloading plugin Default.paste_from_history
reloading plugin Default.profile
reloading plugin Default.quick_panel
reloading plugin Default.rename
reloading plugin Default.run_syntax_tests
reloading plugin Default.save_on_focus_lost
reloading plugin Default.scroll
reloading plugin Default.set_unsaved_view_name
reloading plugin Default.settings
reloading plugin Default.show_scope_name
reloading plugin Default.side_bar
reloading plugin Default.sort
reloading plugin Default.swap_line
reloading plugin Default.switch_file
reloading plugin Default.symbol
reloading plugin Default.transform
reloading plugin Default.transpose
reloading plugin Default.trim_trailing_white_space
reloading plugin Default.ui
reloading plugin CSS.css_completions
reloading plugin Diff.diff
reloading plugin HTML.encode_html_entities
reloading plugin HTML.html_completions
reloading plugin ShellScript.ShellScript
reloading plugin Package Control.1_reloader
reloading plugin Package Control.2_bootstrap
reloading plugin Package Control.Package Control
plugins loaded
Package Control: No updated packages

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On build 3153 I can open the command palette with Ctrl+Shift+P and it close it with the same command without erasing the input text:

Now on build 3154, if I do the same, the output got cleaned out as when I press the escape key as described on the issue:

  1. Command palette cleans the last command on escape key press



Re: Bug: Command Palette grows to 85% width of window

The same problem persists with a clean profile, i.e. the config directory temporarily renamed to allow ST to create a factory-default profile. Here’s a screenshot of that with a maximized ST window. HTH.



I can second the fact that the command pallet grows to 85%.
Windows 8.1

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It might be helpful if you were to edit your post to state your OS.

So far confirmed on Linux and Windows.