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Dev Build 3123


Dev Build 3123 is out now. Not many changes, just a few fixes before the next non-dev build goes out.



Thanks for the new build.

May I suggest that you try to fix a few of the long standing bugs in each new build. For example:

This bug has been present in every ST3 build I have used and is very annoying when working primarily with the keyboard. My guess is that it is a simple fix.

I am sure a number of other similar bugs could be fixed with comparatively little effort.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I enjoy using ST every day. :slight_smile:



Thanks for taking in the python patches.

BTW. I had problem with autoupdate on Windows on one machine. On pressing install Sublime was restarted but then error dialog was shown saying that it was impossible to replace sublime_text.exe. I’ve download the build and extracted it manually instead.

It might be just something on my side but just so you know, in case something changed in this build.



The changelog scrolling regression on Windows HiDPI from Build 3121 as reported has been fixed for me, thanks.

  • I personally would appreciate the addition of missing main menu entries to the command palette.
  • Adding to the first comment, there’s a more structured overview of reported issues on that repo available via even some with patch.
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I definitely do try to tackle a few bugs here and there. Unfortunately some things that appear simple end up being very complex, or end up having ripping affects across other functionality or code. (A few of the bugs related to the sidebar fit into this category.)

We are definitely going to continue fixing bugs, although some may take longer than others. As has been true historically, priorities will be mixed between enhancements and bug fixes.

Also note that we don’t always include every trivial fix in the changelog. If there are bug reports at, I tend to mark them as fixed and with a milestone.



Put as much as possible in the changelog, including links to the issue on the tracker. Not that I feel there are enough bug fixes, there are at least some, but it looks like there are virtually zero.



My opinion is that I don’t think that benefits the majority of users. I find changelogs full of lots of issue numbers to distract from the bigger impact changes. For users who want to keep up with exactly what is going on, there are a number of places where information is presented:

There is also the IRC channel and this forum where conversations happen. There are discussions that happen on various issues and pull requests. Updates to our documentation isn’t recorded in the changelog either.

For most users, the changelog is going to be a tidy little summary of things that have changed in the editor, but it isn’t going to be a full catalog of all of the activity that is constantly happening. I think that most users aren’t interested in the process and all of the artifacts, but are mostly interested in the beta releases. That is why we see tons of forum posts after a beta is released, even though they cover changes that have been in the dev build for a month or more.

Perhaps it is most useful to think of it as a graduated scale of engagement opportunities. You can sign up for notifications from the various GitHub repos (via subscriptions), and grab feeds to the forum and the blog.



Have you tested the build on macOS Sierra? Opening a project closes any active windows.



I can not replicate this on my Sierra VM with build 3123. Do you notice a difference between 3114 and 3123, or does this happen to all versions?

Perhaps also visually inspect your .sublime-project file to see if it looks corrupted?



No repro for this here either. Everything seems dandy with 3123 on Sierra.



Put an “even geekier changelog” window and fill it with git log --pretty=oneline :smiley:

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