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Dev Build 3072


Dev Build 3072 is out now.

As initially discussed elsewhere, there’s been a change to how build systems are selected in this build. Previously, you had to explicitly select a build system, or let Sublime Text choose one automatically.

In 3072, there’s no notion of selecting a build system: firstly, Sublime Text will determine the set of relevant build systems, and if the last used build system is in that set, then it’ll build with the last used one. If it isn’t, or there is no last used build system, then it will prompt with all relevant build systems. Pressing primary+shift+b will always prompt to select a build system.

Build systems are determined to be relevant if their selector matches the current scope, or if their keyfile (e.g., Makefile for Make.sublime-build) is present in the project’s most top level folder. If a build system defines neither a selector nor keyfile then it’s deemed to always be relevant.

There has been a few improvements to minihtml, too, it now supports img, ul, and li tags, as well as the padding (and padding-left etc) css property, and background-color is supported on inline elements. img supports file, res and data URLs, for example:

view.show_popup('<img src="res://Packages/Default/Icon.png">')


This may not be the most useful reply (reporting bugs and stuff…) but when I thought that ST3 couldn’t be more awesome you guys prove me wrong!

I’m absolutely in love with the command palette remembering the last text I entered and I’m crazy excited of seeing all those developer versions coming out!

You see, I was a little skeptic about investing $70 in a software that didn’t seemed to be in active development, but now I have to say that those $70 may be one of the best investments ever! Keep up the sublimely amazing job guys! :smiley:



I have to agree with benj.calderon. I’m actively developing plugins for Sublime now, and it is specifically because of the activity I’ve seen!



Hey, why don’t you response to this bug ? I mentioned it many times. Is it impossible to fix?



Thanks for the update!

I’ve noticed the new changelog window doesn’t allow copying. It may be handy if you are documenting ST features :slight_smile: I can still check the changelog on the website, but maybe it was an oversight?



There seems to be an issue with goto symbols not doing anything and with the following error in the console:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\", line 535, in run_ return File "symbol in C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\Packages\Default.sublime-package", line 108, in run File "symbol in C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\Packages\Default.sublime-package", line 86, in navigate_to_symbol File "symbol in C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\Packages\Default.sublime-package", line 54, in open_location AttributeError: 'Window' object has no attribute 'ope_file'

The problem does not appear on all symbols but I don’t know exactly what is the difference between those working and those failing, sorry :frowning:



Looks like a typo got introduced in this build, I’ll do a new build tomorrow with a fix.

Guillermo: selection isn’t implemented, unfortunately :frowning:

Singwong: I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet

Benj: I’m glad your enjoying them! There’s some pretty cool stuff planned for next month.



Thanks Jon. This release made me really happy. Would love to see you in Person, if you’re in Melbourne we would love to host you at REA.



Jon, could you please take a look at the Build System thread.



This is already pretty cool stuff! :smile:

By the way, the new changelog window would be incredibly useful as an API as well! Plugins could display information in (mini) html such as documentation, summary of git information, formatted markdown etc. Support for the pre tag would be pretty good for that.



Just to confirm, I also see these errors with Goto Symbol in Project / Goto Definition. In PHP I can go to instanc methods, but not to static methods. Goto Defintion (CTRL + R) works with both.

Still, it’s great to see updates!



Changelog in html in new build? :astonished:
I wish You would back to good old Sublime new tab with this stuff :cry:



+1, I would definitely use it in my plugin if it was available :smile:



Other than what I can gather from the changelog popup, what is “minihtml”?




Other than what I can gather from the changelog popup, what is “minihtml”?[/quote]

It’s what powers the new tooltip API. It’s a HTML parser.



Tooltip bug report: Maybe someone already mentioned this but here you go:

  1. create tooltip from console: view.show_popup('<a href="res://Packages/Default/Icon.png">test</a>', on_navigate=print)
  2. Change tab with keyboard with command+option+right/left (on mac)
  3. tooltip doesn’t disappear and I can only make it disappear when I go back to the view in which it was created


Hey Thanks! Much appreciated =)



Awesome stuff!

I swore I wasn’t going to ask for any more tooltip stuff, but what about borders? Surprisingly, I really have a hard time with not having CSS borders. I didn’t think I’d care, or I guess I thought I could work around not having borders, but faking borders on inline elements seems impossible.




Benj: I’m glad your enjoying them! There’s some pretty cool stuff planned for next month.[/quote]

I’ll be looking forward for that! :smiley:



I’m disapointed.

The new build destroyed my development environment. Calling my XML checker does not work anymore and I cannot see how to select the build system of my choice.

Please revert these changes and don’t waste too much time for HTML bells and whistles.