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Dev Build 2084


@alexrussell, In case you couldn’t solve the problem with your plugin, there’s some documentation here:



There seems to be a regression bug from 2083: “Tab close buttons will show on hover if hidden via show_tab_close_buttons” no longer works.



2085 is out now, with a fix for the crash introduced in 2084.

There are a few under the hood changes on the OS X side of things, too - this is the first build compiled on 10.7, although it’ll work on 10.6 and 10.7.



This is touched on in the 2084 change log: it received only negative feedback, so I took it out.



Too bad, I actually liked it. I guess people didn’t like the way the tab text moved on the hover. Oh well, keep up the great work!



Is the height of the build panel saved ?
It half work:
Open ST2 -> Build -> change height of the build panel -> close the panel -> Quit ST2
Open ST2 -> Build -> (OK: The panel has the previous height) -> close the panel -> Quit ST2
Open ST2 -> Build -> (OK: The panel has the previous height) -> close the panel -> Quit ST2
Open ST2 -> Quit ST2
Open ST2 -> Build -> (KO: The panel height is reinitialized)

startup, version: 2085 windows x64 channel: dev



I experienced a massive bug the other day…

Sublime crashed whilst I was editing a file, when I went to open it again, all of the content had gone. Nothing left, just the file. This was Dev Build 2083.



Anyone use lunixbochs’ sublimelint plugin? I think this last build may have effected it. Usually it will catch unused imports, and now it doesn’t.

Edit: nevermind, not sure what was going on. Works fine now.



I’m running into a font rendering issue where text is getting cutoff on lines my cursor is on.

You can see the issue here:
The text should read but it cuts off the first part of the n.



Could you let me know the font, font size, and font options that you’re using? If possible, it’d be great if you could also make a screenshot of what the line looks like without the caret on it.



I have problem with “Anonymous Pro” font with size 10. Some chars is cropped. It problem was in previous builds too.

With new cursor and with using paddings cursor looks aligned below the string. It is not very prettily :smile:



I use "rulers": [80, 100] in my user file settings.

In build 2085, this results in the expected two rulers in OSX SL & Lion, but in Windows 7 only the 80 ruler shows.



I think this was introduced a few versions back, but now when a file that is opened is changed and gets reloaded, the buffer is sent back to the beginning rather than staying where it is at. This is really inconvenient for example when monitoring logs while debugging. Any chance we can get the old behavior back?



DirectWrite can report strange metrics with some fonts - remove the directwrite option and the problem will go away.

I’m impressed you found a use for multiple rulers! Multiple rulers are rendering fine for me under Windows, two things to check are:

  1. The applied setting. Type ‘view.settings().get(“rulers”)’ in the console, and check that the reported value is what you expect.
  2. Verify that the window is in fact wide enough to display the second ruler.


:blush: of course, I was using a lower resolution on the Windows machine.

I use a ruler at 80 as a soft-limit warning, and another at 100 to let me know there’s really no excuse for a line this long :smile:



@jps, Here’s a screenshot of the font rendering issue (text getting cut off) again:

Here’s the same text but with the caret on the line above (note the ‘m’ is cut off here):

Here are my current file settings:

"font_face": "Dejavu Sans Mono", "font_size": 10, "tab_completion": true, "tab_size": 2, "font_options": "directwrite"], "caret_style": "wide", // wide_caret, smooth, blink, wide, solid "highlight_line": true

Taking out the “directwrite” option does seem to prevent the issue from happening.



if you ever find it’s not highlighting: you might have a syntax error somewhere, your file’s syntax isn’t set to python, or the entire plugin is possibly broken (in this case check the console and submit a bug report)

also, if you use \x outside a string, it totally breaks the python interpreter and I don’t get so much as a line number - so I can’t highlight it very well



Heh - sure they’re useful. I use them to mark out columns in fixed-width files. In some editors they give you a horizontal ruler across the top of the editor for this purpose, but the ‘rulers’ setting works well enough when I need it.