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Determine if hardware_acceleration is enabled on a Mac?


Just updated to ST4 - excited to see the release!

Had a question about the new hardware_acceleration setting on a Mac. When I open Preferences.sublime-settings- it's shown asnone` with the comment saying that the value is overridden in the platform specific settings.

However - I’m not sure where those platform specific settings live? I checked in ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/User - but didn’t see any platform specific files in there.

Is this setting enabled in a ‘hidden’ preferences file? Is there a way to test if hardware acceleration is enabled? I’ve updated/kept my preferences from ST2, so I’m wondering if a setting file wasn’t created, or, if things are working as they should be.

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The platform specific settings file for Mac is Preferences (OSX).sublime-settings. You can use View Package File from the command palette to open & view that file. There hardware_acceleration will be set to opengl

If hardware acceleration is enabled, upon restart, ST would print the driver info at the very beginning of the console output.



Thanks for the quick response.

Yeah, looks like that file is Default/Preferences (OS X).sublime-settings.

And it has hardware_acceleration as set to OpenGL, and I do see the OpenGl info printed in the console on startup. So looks like things are good! Thanks!

OpenGL Context Information:
  GL API Version: 4.1 Metal - 71.5.9
  GLSL Version: 4.10
  Vendor: Apple
  Renderer: Apple M1


Sorry to revive an old topic, but could you be more specific as to how I can view this console output? Thanks



Use View > Show Console from the menu and scroll all the way to the top,

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For me hardware acceleration seems to make the interface slower. I am on a Mac, with Apple Silicon. Anyone has a similar experience?