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Deleting until whitespace in Sublime Text


Is there any way to delete all characters untill first whitespace in Sublime. I know that you can use ctrl+delete to do that but it stops at non-word characters(",:,&,*, etc). When you try to delete aaa aaa 2+a , from the end, it will delete 2+a until + sign, but it will delete aaa until space. I need to change that so it will delete 2+a until first space. Solution can be anything; changing settings, plug-in.



I played araound with a while ago. It enables keyboard navigation and edits for custom boundaries. Maybe that package can help you.

Otherwise a custom command implemented as a plugin might do the job.

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{ "keys": ["ctrl+backspace"], "command": "delete_to_beg_of_contig_boundary", "args": {"forward": false} }

Did the trick. Thanks xD.

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