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Deleting multiple files is annoying


Selecting multiples files via the SideBarEnhancements plugin has the unfortunate side-effect of opening each file in a separate tab. How do I disable this behavior; I would like to select multiple files without opening each file in a separate tab.

This gets incredibly annoying when I select multiple files for deletion, as I then have multiple tabs that need to be closed, and each tab has a context box that ask me for this:

**The file ******** was deleted. Do you want to save it?**

This is exhausting and painful, how do I avoid this?

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The setting preview_on_click (shown here with the default value) controls this:

	// Preview file contents when clicking on a file in the sidebar. Double
	// clicking or editing the preview will open the file and assign it a tab.
	// - true: Always preview on click, including right click
	// - false: Never preview
	// - "only_left": Only preview on left click, right click will change the
	//                selection but not preview the file.
	"preview_on_click": true,

Setting it to false would stop the preview from opening just because you clicked on a file, requiring you to double click to actually open it instead.



Right clicking on a tab and run “Close Deleted Files” from context menu would close all tabs without confirmation dialog. Another option was SidebarEnhancement automatically closing views. That’s what FileManager does.