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Definitions don't always open in the focused pane


Hey Sublime team,

First of all, awesome work on Sublime Text 4 !

Now, there is one tiny behavior I believe might have been broken in comparison to Sublime Text 3 (I’m not entirely sure, since I’m using ST4 now). If the screen is already split into 2 panes, and the right pane has focus, then going to a definition from a reference on the left pane :

  • On ST3 : the definition is shown on the right pane (the one having focus), even if that means automatically opening a new view of the same file.
  • On ST4 : the definition is shown on the right pane only if another view to the same file is already opened in the right pane. Otherwise, it is opened in the same pane.

I almost always work with 2 panes opened, and so I’m quite diligent about where the focus is between the 2 panes (a gymnastic which is rendered quite easy with the awesome Origami plugin), and reliant on this behavior to open references where I want.

On this matter, another point is that the new Ctrl+Click behavior is not exploitable when you already have a second pane opened, because it creates a third pane in the middle, which is squeezed into a small area because of the lack of space. I think it would be relevant to open the reference into the existing pane if such a pane already exists.

Thanks again for your awesome blazing fast editor!