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Default.sublime-built can't be edited in sublime text4


I remember I can edit this file in sublime text3, but I can’t edit it in sublime text4 to solve that.



If you have used View Package File to open Python/Python.sublime-build, then of course you can’t edit it (unless it’s an override). It’s a default package resource. You can create an override though i.e. a folder Python within Packages/ and a file in there called Python.sublime-build. There are packages like OverrrideAudit that help you to create, track, revert & even delete such overrides.

I am guessing you had an override in ST3 (which you can edit of course. View Package File will open an override if present)



You are right, I open this file by View Pack File because I can’t find folder named Python in package file.
You means I can edit file that path User/Python.sublime-build, but I can’t edit file that path Python/Python.sublime-build. Am I getting that right?



You can edit anything placed in User because that is like a personal package.

Partially right,

  1. If you have a Python/Python.sublime-build in Packages/ (to get to Packages/, go to Preferences -> Browse Pckages ... from main menu), then that means you have an override and View Package File is opening that override instead (overrides are editable).
  2. If you don’t have a Python/Python.sublime-build in Packages/, then it means, it’s opening the default python build system shipped with ST, which is not editable by default.


I get that, thank you very much!