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Default settings file in Windows 10


Hi! I think I understand that we can/must not edit default settings file under any circumstances. I’m able to find and edit my user’s settings file without any problem. But I’m not able to understand or find where the default Preferences.sublime-settings is stored in a Sublime Text 3 instance running under Windows 10.

All seams to work fine here, but my console keeps saying:

Unable to open /C/Users/ricar/AppData/Roaming/Sublime Text 3/Packages/Default/Preferences.sublime-settings

And I’m not able to find this file, nor /Default directory in my computer. I’m following the contents of the Documentation available here:

Settings – Sublime Text 3 Documentation

Please, where an I lost? Thanks for your help!



It’s nothing to worry about. What you see are just some debug messages created by the commands used to open or create the settings files.

The content on the left is loaded from readonly %ProgramFiles%\Sublimet Text3\Packages\Default.sublime-package. The command doing so just tries to find a real file first, before extracting it from the package file. The circumstance the real file is not present is what causes it to print that message.

The same question was asked at Github recently, but with regards to such a message in case the user settings file doesn’t exist.

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