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Debug mode enabled by random keystroke


I was using Sublime Text and I must have entered some keystroke by mistake that made the following notification appear.

Debug mode has been enabled, a log of commands will be written to the Sublime Text console.

Since I couldn’t replicate the keystroke, I searched in Preferences > Key bindings but couldn’t find anything related to debugging sublime.

Does this equal sublime.log_commands(True)? I am curious if anyone knows which keystroke will trigger this and also what exactly happens when triggered.



Sublime Text by default doesn’t have any key bindings that enables any kind of “debug mode” that shows the kind of message you have described above. It is most certainly some kind of 3rd party package/plugin you have installed that is doing this. You will need to introspect your list of installed packages to see which package is causing this.



Ok, turns out the command that triggered this notification was Package Control: Enable Debug Mode, which enable debug mode for Package Control and not Sublime Text in general. How I managed to to run this command by mistake remains a mystery.