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Deadly slow merge resolve


After attempting a merge when I press the resolve button the next screen shows the spinning status for 2-4 minutes.

  • The project has 20,000+ files but the file with the conflict is never more than a few thousand lines.
  • The cancel button also freezes the UI for about 4-5 seconds (every time).
  • After showing the resolve screen once subsequent resolving doesn’t have the same delay.

Not sure if this is Sublime Merge or git. There’s no status that I’m aware of so if this was git it would be nice to know what git was doing.

Is this a known issue? If not is there anyway I could help you reproduce the problem?

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Do you have a large number of modified, untracked, or staged files in your working dir?



I experience the exact same problem (only I do not have patience to wait for it to finish loading, not sure it ever does). I don’t think I experienced this a few months ago, so maybe it came with an update. I’m on Windows 10 v1809, and Sublime merge build 1116. The merge i’m in right now has 6000 staged files, and just a few unmerged and unstaged.

One interesting note is that it works just fine with when configuring smerge as a git mergetool as described here. no delay when running git mergetool.



Sorry I forgot about this! Yeah my project is a compiler with a few thousand files ( but that shouldn’t matter I think.

Have any of the ST devs tried this thing on big projects? Something seriously wrong and needs to be fixed. Can’t even use it to resolve conflicts until then.