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Dart native support


Yes, I know that would be impossible to in-house build support for any crazy language or framework out there. But c’mon, guys. Flutter is big enough to have some attention of Sublime team. The community plugin has more than 5 years old and it’s terrible.

Please, consider to fix this problem and take a look at the Dart problem :wink:

Until there, I’m beening forced to use the VSCode for this :frowning:

I wish you all a great weekend



We don’t currently have the intention of adding Dart to the default packages, no.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to the Dart syntax can do so via, or someone can fork it if the original maintainer no longer is maintaining it.

If no one in the community is maintaining the package, then it wouldn’t be maintained as a default package either, since the default packages are largely driven by the community. You can see them all at The process is driven by community bug reports and mostly community pull requests.



Someone should ask Google to provide Dart packages.



Someone did, and the response was basically the same of the Sublime Team:



Personally, if I can’t use my text editor for doing something, I will not write that code until this could be done on Sublime or pure VIM. VSCode just destroyed my battery with my notebook closed! Very impressive piece of junk.



If you are keen to use Dart with Sublime Text and are willing to do some of the work yourself, quite a number of primary contributors hang out in the Discord channel and are usually more than happy to answer questions and give pointers.



For what it’s worth, the VSCode Dart syntax definition looks like a simple transform of a TextMate tmLanguage, so you could probably convert it to something Sublime-compatible.

Of course, a native sublime-syntax would probably provide better highlighting because Sublime’s syntax highlighting engine is fundamentally more powerful than VSCode’s. If you’re interested in creating one, I second the recommendation to ask about it on Discord.



i hope there’s a person to contributes dart for sublime text :heart:



Any news on this? Has anyone in the community decided to actively support dart syntax?



any update on the dart plugin ?



Focus of the Dart team is obviously on LSP integration, mainly for VSCode. Unless SublimeHQ implements a native LSP client I don’t expect to see much support from any language team, whether that be Dart or Go etc.

I have written an LSP-Dart helper package to automatically connect to the bundled lsp server in the sdk, but it’s ST4-only:
This package provides the best experience as far as I know. Simply because it uses the Dart Analysis Server which has so much work put into it.



Sublime’s Dart plugin syntax highlighting is outdated so I have converted VSCode’s Dart plugin syntax highlighting to work on Sublime Text:
Just place the file in User packages. I’ll try to keep it updated