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Danger of deleting an entire project


While I can guess the Engineered rational of including the “Delete Folder” operation in the attached pop-up menu, I don’t see the rational from user experience (UX) point of view. There is simply too much harm that can be done and in my opinion no benefit product wise, we all know how to delete a folder without Sublime.

The operation “Find in Folder” is frequently used and the menu as is makes it too easy to delete an entire day’s worth of work. I would like to request the “Delete Folder” will be removed from the menu, or be enabled by other means for those that would like to avoid this menu.



From a UX point of view, it should confirm that you want to delete the folder (if it doesn’t already) since it’s a destructive action.



There is indeed a confirmation dialog for that menu item.



Thanks for the info. Can the “Find in Folder” operation be moved to the middle section of this popup menu? It seems to make more sense there and will further separate it from the Delete operation.