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Customizing syntax colors?


This is probably gonna be a stupid question, as it’s so incredibly elementary for a full-featured editor, I must be hugely overlooking something.

How do I customize the colors for syntax highlighting?

Running Windows 7, jsyk :wink:



Copy an existing .tmTheme file to your User folder.
Rename the file.
Open this file and change the ‘name’ of the theme towards the top of the file.
You should alter the uuid number at the bottom of the file, although I don’t believe this is essential because, as I understand, this value is not used anywhere currently.

The colours are based on ‘scope’. Use Ctrl-Shift-Alt-P to read the current scope in the status bar, or install the **ScopeHunter **Package.

Choose your theme from the Preferences menu.



I was afraid of this… No proper GUI.
It’s not unreasonable to be wanting to edit these settings, and yet there no GUI for it and it still costs $59?




Many people prefer to edit the underlying text files directly rather than by clicking buttons. :smile:

That said, many people do want to make simple changes. Have a look a the work being done here.