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Customize status bar line number/column number presentation


Howdy! I was recently working on some minor tweaks to my ST config and was surprised to find out that I couldn’t customize the line number/column number in the status bar.

Sifting through the forums, I discovered that I was not the first person to think about this:

Have any changes been made on this front since 2020 that I’m somehow not turning up?

If not, here’s a quick summary of ideas I thought were really good!

  • Put line/column number in a static, dedicated position farther rightwards (@deathaxe’s idea)
  • Provide some kind of string template in settings for easily customizing (@jfcherng’s idea)
  • Make it shorter! The line:col syntax is one short and sweet possibility! (eugenesvk’s idea)

I don’t always use an IDE, but when I do, I use IntelliJ, and they have a pretty nice little implementation:

Without selection:

With selection:

Food for thought! Sublime Text for life!

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