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Customize Repository Associated Name


Currently, when you try to quickly open a repository (exploiting fuzzy search), the actual Git folder name is the reference for the repository.

It would be nice if we could have a field to assign a custom name to each repository, because often different repositories have same folder names.

Example, I manually clone a ST package for AsciiDoc in Packages\AsciiDoc (although the repository might be called Sublime-Asciidoc I want to use a custom folder naming and avoid the redudnant “Sublime-” part).

But then, asciidoc is likely to show up in many Git repository folders, which makes it difficoult to pin-point which one to open via fuzzy search in SM open functionality.

Being able to associate each folder to a meaningful name would be better, especially if there’s a ST associated project with the same name.

In ST projects we can easily control the project name shown in “Quick Switch” by giving a custom name to the .sublime-project file.

It should be possible to achieve something similar in SM somwhow.

What about having a SM setting file in the repository root? Eg: .sublime-merge which could be used to store some settings.

Or maybe, having a JSON settings file to control which repositories are shown in the “Switch repository” dialog.

I also think that both ST and SM should offer a native dialog to control which projects/repository are shown in the “Quick switch” dialogue, and most of all to allow editing the entries (change paths, delete old projects, rename them, ecc.).

It’s common that project folders get moved around when they shift from draft to production, and currently there’s no easy way to udpate them in the “Quick switch” dialogs except by editing the .sublime_session files in %AppData% — which is not practical at all because:

  1. It’s easy to corrupt the file and loose all the records of projects/repos.
  2. It requires closing ST and SM.


+1 for this.

I may often have many instances of a given repository.

In Sublime TEXT, I can change customize project names to quickly switch between these.

But in Sublime MERGE, swapping between them requires typing the differences in their paths. What’s more, to distinguish one window from another, my eyes have to parse the differences between long path names to determine which instance I’m looking at.

Consider three windows with these titles:

  • ~/remote/groups/dev/home/meactually/jobs/cadence1/trunk/lib/project/tb/repo/
  • ~/remote/groups/dev/home/meactually/jobs/cadence2/trunk/lib/project/tb/repo/
  • ~/remote/foreign/groups/deployed/home/meactually/jobs/cadence/trunk/lib/project/tb/repo/

I’d much prefer a custom name show up to help identify these different windows and to quickly switch between them:

  • cad1
  • cad2
  • deployed


+1 for this.
Source code for my projects is always contained within a src sub-folder.



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