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Customize Default Themes?


I am using the default Adaptive theme. I would like to customize how comments are colored, as the current color is barely visible (to me). I don’t see a way to do this.

Do I need to copy this data out and modify it as my own theme? (I’m a Sublime newbie, so bare with me).

I saw a tmtheme-editor on herokuapp, which has some reference to editing Sublime 3 themes – perhaps that would be the most useful for me, as I can point, click, save.




The thing you need to edit is your color scheme, not the theme; in Sublime a Theme (sublime-theme file) controls the overall look of the application like the tab shapes and colors, the side bar display, and so on. A color scheme (sublime-color-scheme or tmTheme file) controls syntax highlighting, which is the thing that you’re wanting to modify here.

You can easily create a file in your User package that modifies just the comment color if you want, though. The documentation on color schemes has a section on customization that covers how to do it.

If you still have problems we can provide more assistance though, including an example if you can tell us what color scheme you’re using.

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Also, I keep recommending the PackageDev package to people who want to do this. It has a Command Palette entry for Edit Current Theme and Edit Current Color Scheme that puts the right file in the right place in a new window, side-by-side with the existing theme or color scheme. This very much like the built-in Settings editor behaviour.

Once you have it up, add new settings or override existing ones.