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Custom statusbar appearance


Hi all, I need help. I’ve created a plugin that analyzes the code, I’m showing the different statuses based on results.

Is it possible to display the status message with additional options, something like the syntax menu?



As far as I know, you can only show a simple message in the status bar & you can’t create something like the syntax menu (which comes from Syntax.sublime-menu) or customize any other menu files associated with the status bar.



Hey @UltraInstinct05, can you please make an example, I’ve looked into available menus for ST3, and I did not found Syntax.sublime-menu (

Thank you so much for responding.



From what it looks like in the docs, all the menu files associated with the status bar is not documented because they are generally not meant to be extended from. In order to view the full list of menus, you’d need to go to command palette and View Package File -> Default/ .sublime-menu.