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Ctrl+shift+up stopped working


i’m not shure but i think today ctrl+shift+up stopped working for me, maybe yesterday. ctrl+shift+down works farther. Now i started the console
command: swap_line_down
key evt: control+z
command: undo
I can’t see anything if i use ctrl+shift+up. The global key binding is already there so what happens?
Today i installed winscp and also FTP Getter. Both of them have no shortkey with ctrl+shift+up as definition. What can i do? if i can’t figure out where the problem is do i have to create a new key binding?




If Sublime doesn’t see the key being pressed when you turn on input logging, it means that something outside of Sublime is capturing and consuming the key before Sublime gets to see it.

The only solutions in that case are to determine what’s stealing the key and reconfigure/stop it from running so that Sublime can see the key, or make your own binding.

Commonly video card drivers or the software that comes with them are known for having global key bindings that can get in the way (say to flip or rotate the screen, etc) though I don’t know if that’s true for this key sequence in particular.



after I rebooted in the morning, the keybinding is back. As is so often the case, reboot is good. For yesterday I have no idea … lost in Space … :woozy_face:

regards Andreas

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