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Ctrl + scroll wheel to control text zoom level


Like in other text editors and word processors. I’m in the habit of fiddling with the apparent size of my text. I use a variety of displays, from a 12" laptop to a 21" desktop to a 37" TV from the couch, and I need to be able to get the best legibility out of my text without pulling up the proper config file and typing in different values. If Sublime is in a multipane layout, this zooming should be independent among the panes to assist in setting up my custom workspace.

What say?



Ctrl+mousewheel(up|down) Key names

the **PowerUser **package takes care of that, or do a search about “zoom” in forums you’ll find the code for that part of the plugin.
Anyways sublime doesn’t let you bind to scroll wheels, so I use autohotkey for that, again the script for autohotkey is there too in the comments
and yes the zoom/in/out is pane independent.



For anyone who needs it; here is the autohotkey code from the

;========================================================= ;Sublime ZoomIn/ZoomOut ;========================================================= ^WheelUp:: IfWinActive, ahk_class SKMainWindowClass Send !{=} return ^WheelDown:: IfWinActive, ahk_class SKMainWindowClass Send !{-} return ;========================================================= ;END Sublime ZoomIn/ZoomOut ;=========================================================
So, just use Ctrl+mouseWheel to zoom in/out.