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CSS Syntax Update for Nesting


Since this year it’s finally possible to nest CSS descriptions using curly braces (behold the advances in technology! :upside_down_face:).

In ST CSS syntax any curly braces within other is still visually flagged as incorrect.
Please update :slight_smile: and thanks a lot!

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Github issue:

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Ok thanks,
because it’s still in draft state.
I’ll try iccir’s workaround then.

Kind regards.



Looks like it finally landed. Any clue when it will be released? Is there a way to access the updated packages before they are included in a release?



Not sure whether it has been landed for dev builds or not but you can always follow the readme to use latest syntax definitions if you can’t wait for it.



Initial support has been merged but is not yet part of any release. Latest release of the time writing is ST4156.

An additional PR with various bugfixes and enhancements is still pending review.