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Create zip from unstaged files



Not a git expert, so maybe it’s ever possible.

I edit same github repo cloned locally on several machines (different network/folder).
So I can push on one machine, files goes to github, pull on this other machine, allright.

Now, let’s say on one machine, I edit some files, but don’t want to push these. Because unfinished, known bug, etc.
Then I leave and goes on other machine (not same location). I can’t pull to get my unstaged files as these has not been pushed.

Actually I have to recreate needed folder hierarchy, get modified files one by one, get it on usb key or send it by email, and put them locally on the other local repo so I can see it in sublimeMerge and right-click/open to continue working on these files.

So, is there a way, in sublimeMerge, to automatically create needed folder structure and copy unstaged files into, to move them elsewhere ?

Or a way to add a menu entry which execute a python script, that could get unstaged files and their path to do it ?




Just done a python script in SublimeText that does this for opened files.

Would be better directly in SublimeMerge for unstaged files. Or a way in SublimeMerge to open all unstaged files in editor.



It seems like it would be easier for you to just make and push a new branch with the files that aren’t ready to be checked into the main one; then you can still share them using the normal git workflows and merge or discard as needed without any extra tools.



Yes could be easier, but it’s a public repo of a mainstream project and I don’t want to make such rough/test public



Another option is to use the Git patch functionality.

You can commit the files you want, and save the commit as a patch (via the commit context menu).

You can then copy the patch file to your other machine and use Sublime Merge to apply the patch (in the application menu under Repository > Apply Patch...).