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"create_window_at_startup" option ignored


I’m on Mac and I’ve set

"create_window_at_startup": false

but Sublime Text still opens a new empty window on startup. Even when I launch the application by dragging a project’s folder on the Sublime Text icon in the dock, a blank window appears behind my procent’s window.

Can anyone confirm this, is it a bug or is there something wrong with my setup?



It’s working fine here. Do note that Sublime Text will restore any windows you had open previously by default, so quitting the application with a window open will have the same window open when you start it again. You can disable this using the "hot_exit" setting.



Thanks Benjamin, I’ve set "hot_exit": "disabled" as well, so that doesn’t seem to cause the issue.

I did some further testing and found out that it’s actually only on the first launch of ST after (re-)starting my Mac, a new blank window is created. Anyway, as this really isn’t a big thing I think we can put it aside. Thanks again!