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Crashes on linux + development stopped?


Hi all, I’m currently unable to use Sublime due to and various segfaults on Ubuntu 15.10. I have horrible memory leaks even when all packages are removed.

Now, after investigating the issues, I’m a bit worried that bugs doesn’t seem to get fixed. Anyone know if the project is still active? I know from before that Sublime development has experienced long breaks, but the past two years have been really quiet, and Sublime has become really unstable for many people. The developer has been mute for months afaict. Too bad if Sublime is going the way of the dodo.



Is so sad to hear that ST doesn’t work even in Ubuntu 15.10. My laptop didn’t accept installing debian stable so I will have to install Ubuntu. The only thing we can do is use old versions of Ubuntu.

I hope that jps say something about the ST development soon, or better yet, come with fresh updates.



I had the same problem on Fedora Workstation lately, so I suppose it’s not distribution specific, but rather due to changes in recent kernels.