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Crash Sublime Text 3 when press 'tab' key in style html attr


When I press ‘tab’ key in particular condition in the value of the style attribute Sublime Text will crash, such as with this code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<a style="
*	"></a>

If you press ‘tab’ key before or after the ‘*’, or remove the ‘*’ and press ‘tab’ key Sublime Text will crash. You too?
I’ve this problem on my MacBook Pro with the last version of Sublime Text 3.2.1 (BUILD 3207).


Directory tree collapses randomly

Are you by any chance using the Emmet package?

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Would appreciate clarification – is the recommendation simply to not use emmet at all because the cause is unfixable or unknown?

I was using emmet but have now deactivated it to see if this prevents crashes over time. Crashes are/were occasional but the cause seems to be always when I hit tab in some complex syntax scenario. I don’t think I had customised emmet at all. Can anyone explain the approximate cause of the crash? Would be good to know.



Emmet’s plugin code is poorly engineered (and unmaintained) and easily enters an infinite loop, which ofc never returns control back to the editor

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