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CPU spikes


I use sublime merge to track medium sized repo. My issue is that every 3 seconds sublime merge spikes one core of my cpu to 100%, in between it takes ca. 0, 40, 60% (monitored via htop). I use kubuntu 18.04

Friend of mine that uses sublime merge on same repository does not see any issue with cpu (his cpu is constantly around 0-5%).

I tried to use sublime merge on new mini repository (10 files) and cpu was around 0%. I also suspected that indexing might be issue, so I let the sublime merge run throughout the night, however in the morning with the same result.

Are there any tools built in or debug mode so I can find out where might be the issue? Do you have any hint what can I try?

Thank you and thank you for wonderful piece of software

// edit: I’ve tried to reboot, it was fine for several minutes (usage was 0%), so I started working in repo and again, every three secs spikes to 100%



Sublime Merge doesn’t do any indexing. Is it spiking while idle, or only while you’re performing git operations? Which OS/version are you using?



Yes, 100% even if there is no activity in repo files and sublime merge is minimalized.

Using kubuntu 18.04



Is the application frozen while this is happening? How many authors has your repository got (git shortlog -s -n -e | wc -l)?



application is not frozen, it is fully responsive
there are 23 authors in repo
I’ve recorded it (if it might help). During the recording the application was idle:



so aren’t there any tools or (hidden) debug mode, where I could see what is happening in the background?



It might help to get the debug information from the Help/Debug Information menu (it might also help to compare that to your friend’s info). It’s certainly happening in a background thread and we’ve got a bunch of fixes queued up for a release in relation to performance. We don’t currently ship debug symbols, but a profile run with gprof, a stacktrace from gdb or a coredump (or minidump) would allow us to narrow it down.