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Correctly handle files moved outside sublimetext


smultron and other editors correctly handle files moved outside of the application, it would be nice if sublimetext did too.
use case:
file a.txt opened in a ST tab.
mv a.txt a2.txt (in a terminal)

  • currently sublimetext will show the tab containing a.txt as inexistent
  • desired behavior: sublimetext should know the file has moved
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This would be amazing.



I agree this should be a feature. Although Sublime Text would then have to constantly keep track of what’s going on in the terminal…

Maybe a plugin that does this would be possible, this way ST isn’t doing something that probably doesn’t get used a lot, all the time.



All modern operating systems have functionality to let you watch filesystem events. See e.g. … ction.html.

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I second this request. All macOS apps should handle this correctly.

The thing I run into is if you drag and drop the file icon from the Sublime Text window title bar to move it to a different folder, it works: the file gets moved. But Sublime Text does not realize the file has moved and thinks the file has been deleted, prompting for a new File Save.

Typical work flow: launch ST with blank new file to take meeting notes, Save As to Desktop during note-taking, then open a new Finder window on the destination folder, and drag the file icon over. Expect ST to know the file has moved, but it doesn’t.