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Copy/Paste List into Sublime


Hey Team,

I’m switching from a Mac based workflow to Linux. On Mac I would used TextEdit, in plain text mode, to drag a folder over, which would give me the path of that folder from the server. After that I would copy the list of files inside the folder, typically quicktimes, and paste them into TextEdit to create a list.

Is it possible to do this same process with Sublime? I’m hoping it’s a rather easy set up.

Thanks in advance!



Uh… what does from the server mean? Is the “folder” not a normal folder?
On my Lubuntu Desktop, there is a Copy Path(s) when I right click on the file/dir.
May your desktop env has one too? On Windows, shift+right click can copy paths too.

$ find "YOUR_DIR_PATH" -follow

gives all paths of dirs/files in the dir recursively by the way.