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Convince me to switch back from VSCODE


I am a long time SE user, but lately (1 year ago), i had to switch to VSCODE as it has a lot more features then sublime, and helps me code better.

I use it mainly to do frontend work (Html, CSS, JS, VUE, TYPESCRIPT).

Here is what i would like Sublime to offer:

  • better Goto Definition (works in PHP, no chance in JS/TS VUE)
  • better autocomplete (currently it has no clue of variables/methods declared in other files, although part of the same project)
  • CSS autocomplete with multiple SCSS is useless, does not even know the basic CSS rules, and overrides mostly with total useless “variables”. (it also should put the ; after i chose a dropdown option)
  • multi terminal (i would like to run my npm scripts just like i do from VSCODE)
  • better Git UI/integration (tbh, i got so used to VSCODE one it’s hard to compete with the UI right now)
  • syntax specific colored TABS!!! FFS!!!

Mainly what i want it to do, is to KNOW about variables, methods across the project/folder. It only does know, autocomplete wise, if the files are open. (ps: no i wont have all files open for this to work)

So, what plugins am i missing?
(i have: All Autocomplete, Bracket Highlighter, Color Highlighter, Git, JsNext, es6 syntax highlight, LESS, SCSS, Local History, Sidebar Enhancements, SublimeCodeIntel, SublimeLinter, Sublimerege Pro, VueJs Complete Package )

ps: i heard about LSP, but i am too lasy to test it considering i will be missing everything above.

Thank you upfront.

I am on a Mac and VSCode is sluggish, slow, well Electron level slow …



Note that LSP is how VSCode does autocomplete. ST4 has a more generic cross-file autocomplete that’s considerably faster than what can be achieved with a language server, though less precise.

We don’t have any plans of integrating a terminal (I’m personally of the opinion that a terminal is best served by a proper terminal emulator, especially when it comes to keyboard shortcuts), though I’ve heard good things about Terminus.

I’d be interested to hear what you find lacking about ST’s current git integrations, Sublime Merge may be of interest to you.

If you like application performance, you might also be interested to hear that ST4 has some considerable performance improvements including hardware based rendering for much better performance on high-dpi displays like those you find on macs.



I have ST4, yet i am not willing at this moment to try to install 100 plugins just to make it “functional”.
I have Sublimerge Pro (paid), yes it’s my GOTO to fix collisions and file diffs.

But it’s not enough, i do not need generic autocomplete, i need SOLID autocomplete.
I am aware that it’s a general tool, that serves purpose to multiple languages.

Yet how about when you create a file inside a project (or you open the project), it reads what files you have (mainly what languages, JS, go, rust, etc) and does autocomplete based on those file rules?
(for example i have to built a simple HTML/CSS page/site, no js, no nothing, autocomplete is mostly useless. While it’s there and sometimes it figures what i want to type, it mostly gives me random options.)



Sublimerge is a paid plugin not made by us, Sublime Merge is our separate git client. There’s no way to provide precise autocomplete without a full understanding of the language being written, which can’t be done generically. For Sublime Text plugins such as lsp are the only way to provide the kind of language-specific autocomplete you seem to be looking for.

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There’s a pending PR to slightly improve the CSS autocompletion feature by automatically adding colon and semicolons so one would generally not need to care about them any more.

It is designed primarily for native CSS so as well as the suggestions in general.