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Convert .less to .sublime-color-theme


Hi Everyone,

I’m new to programming and have never worked with css, html etc. I only use python and only for Machine Learning.
I have been using Atom for the last 6 months and have gotten very used to the Material UI. I’m switching to Sublime for the sole reason that live-coding doesn’t exist in Atom. I managed to install the material theme for Sublime but it doesn’t look quite like the theme I have on atom. I would like to convert the .less files in Atom to the .sublime-color-scheme format but can’t find anything online to help me do it.
I’d really appreciate it If you can share any leads or suggestions.Thanks!

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@qbit Hello! I understood your situation. I have never used Atom, however you can take a reference from this thread in Atom Discussions.I hope you find any clue to your trouble.