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Convert clipboard to plain text


I know I can paste as plain text, and I do this often, in fact it is how I use Sublime Text the most. What I am looking for is a way to skip a few steps where I can copy rich text, Sublime sees that it is in the clipboard and converts it to plain text for me to paste into another application.

How I do it now is copy the text, paste as plain text into Sublime, re-copy the text, and then paste it into the destination.

Any thoughts on this?



Which OS? On some, you can copy twice to remove the formatting. On Windows, you can also install ClipboardFusion (or write something yourself to hook into clipboard changed events) and configure it to automatically scrub the formatting.

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ClipboardFusion sounds like what I want, and more! I will try it on my next project. I also found PlainTextClipboard, by extrabit, that is not as in depth, or as automatic (you run the application and it scrubs your clipboard then closes), but it does the minimum I need with the minimum effort.

I thought of SublimeText first for this task, since it is what I have been using to manually scrub my text, as well as it being a task I would have employed NoteTab in the past (but I replaced that with Sublime for most everything).

Thank You!



which OS are you on?

With Linux / GNOME you can insert unformatted text by using Ctrl+Alt+V instead of Ctrl+V

If you’re on Windows, there’s a small utility called stripClip (strip format from clipboard). Works up to Windows 10 and the download size is 8,85kb(!)