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Controlling in which sheet definitions are opened


I apologize for the verbosity of the question but it’s a rather odd one.

Let’s say I’ve got 3 panes/columns open for viewing 3 different files at a time. Let’s call these panes left, center, and right.

Now let’s say I’m editing a file in the left column. If I mouseover a variable/class/etc, the pop up window appears that shows references and definitions. When I click one of these files, it opens the file in the same column I currently have focused/active.

In ST3, the behavior was such that the new file would open in whichever pane was the last focused/active. Eg, I click on the center pane, then mouseover a variable/class in the left pane. Clicking the definition of that thing would open its file in the center column since that’s the currently active column.

I can’t quite find any SO posts or other online sources for people who have the same gripe. The new feature in ST4 is the small icon that says “Open Tab To Right” but that’s not the desired behavior.