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Control over substitution font order?


I have a question about fonts. Step one: I set my font of choice and my text is displayed in that font. Life is good. Step two: Once in a while I come across a glyph not supported by my preferred font. Life is still good, because ST somehow manages to display that character, apparently by trying some or all of the other installed fonts.

Is there any way for me to know what other fonts are going to be used for that purpose, and in what order? Do I have any kind of control over this? Being able to set fonts by code point range (“use font X for everything, but font Y for U+0370 - U+03FF”) would be awesome, but maybe not feasible.

For the time being I’d settle for knowing how ST deals with glyphs not contained in my display font of choice. (Browse them in alphabetical order, use the first one that fits? I have no idea …)



If I recall correctly, the font fallback mechanism varies because it’s a platform specific thing, and the rules for the platform are what define it (e.g. on Linux fontconfig is used, etc).

As such you might have some control over that, but not from within Sublime; on Linux for example specific fontconfig rules might be used. I’m not sure how that might play out on Windows/MacOS though.