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Contextual sidebar menu missing in build 3200/3207 on macOS 10.14.1/10.14.4


Before v3.2, on the official release, you could right click below the “OPEN FILES” heading in the left sidebar and perform actions.

I can no longer do that on build 3200.

My favorite now missing contextual action? “Close all below”—similar to “Close Tabs to the Right” [when right clicking on the tabs at top].

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Is this the right place to file the bug? Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:



Those options are still available to me on my Mac, though I’m running 10.14.3 and not 10.14.1 (that doesn’t seem like it would matter, though).

Offhand I can’t think of any outward reason why that would have worked for you before but not now. The only thing I can think of that might do something like that is an untoward override on a menu file that provides the option. However just upgrading wouldn’t do something like that, so I would imagine that if you had something like that in place, it would work the same now as it did before.

The best place to post bug reports is on the issue tracker though. Often here on the forum there will be someone (or several someones) knowledgeable enough to be able to diagnose a problem and resolve it, but if it’s actually a bug it’s best placed on the tracker.

That gives the devs have a single place to go to look at bug reports; things like that tend to get lost easily on the forum, where posts quickly scroll out of view.




I’m now on build 3207, and I can’t get the contextual menu to fire. I filed a bug.


Looks like there is an intermittent bug with this. I tried to close all files below again today; no contextual menu popped up. Right click and nothing. I’ll file this as a bug on GitHub.

Original reply

Thanks so much for the reply. Awesome info on what to do in the future.

I feel dumb, because I just restarted my computer, and the contextual menu is back. So this is a non-issue now. Not sure why I didn’t do that before posting! Sorry about that!

Should I delete the post? Update it as “solved”? Or?

Thanks again for the quick reply.