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Contextual Menu (OS X)


Hi there,

is there any chance to get the “Services Menu” integrated as “Contextual Menu” when doing a right click under OS X?

Yours, T



I suppose it would be nice if this came as default, but you can easily make your own service.

  • Open Automator

  • Create a new Service

  • Add a Run Shell Script action

  • Set input to Service receives selected files or folders from any application

  • Set the script action to /Applications/Sublime\ Text\ -n $@

  • Set Pass input to As arguments

Save under a suitable name, like Open in Sublime Text 2. Done.

This works great and I have been using it for quite a while myself. One of the few services I actually use from time to time. :smile:



Hi Tom, I don’t think what you’re looking for is possible at the moment. So I guess this is more a feature request. Sorry.



@svenax: I think you’re talking about “the other direction”. I’m not interested to represent Sublime Text in my services menu when I’m in other apps but to have the normal system wide context menu (which contains my system wide services menu) in Sublime Text.

@COD312: thanks for your reply. I’ll post it in the feature request section.



I would also like to be able to access the Mac OS Services Menu (and it’s submenu items) by right clicking in the SublimeText edit screen and execute a service. Is there a way to do this with menu customizations to expose OS level menu items?



Yeah. How is this not a thing in Sublime Text?