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Connecting Text Editor to Web Browser (Beginner)


I have recently purchased Sublime Text Editor 3 and I am struggling to connect it to the Google Chrome Web Browser. The difficulty is not due to technical problems, but insufficient instruction online. To my knowledge, there are no tutorials in English concerning this topic and the only ones I have located are in the foreign language of French. Simply put, may someone please relay to me “Step-by-Step” Instructions in the comment section on how to connect this text editor to the web browser? In addition, please state the best package to use (e.g. Should I use Emmet LiveStyle or not?) Thank you for any assistance you are able to provide me.

*Note: At this moment, my computer (Windows) is disabled. I am going to have it repaired over the following weeks, but I want to immediately jump into Web-Development and Design when the work is complete.



I paid $168.00 and I can’t use it properly.