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Conflict markers in sublime merge


I am not able to pop stashes as I keep getting conflict markers like these…
<<<<<<< Updated upstream


Stashed changes

It is very cumbersome deleting them while working on a file.any solution to this ?



When there is a conflict you should see a resolve button : just click it

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Did not help.markers keep showing up after popping stash.

Odat any suggestions?



Not as such, no; the conflict is telling you that in the file you’re getting out of the stash, changes were made that might no longer apply because something else modified the same part of the file.

So, the conflict markers are inserted to tell you what each set of edits did to allow you to determine manually what the best course of action is.

The easy thing to do is always pick one or the other, which is how you end up losing changes without realizing it (and thus, is classified as a Bad Idea :tm: in the general case).

The correct thing to do is to resolve the conflict, either manually by editing the files and removing the markers, or as @Clams suggests, using the Resolve button, which opens a view that allows you to see both sets of changes side by side and select which ones you want so that you don’t lose any data.



Clams and you are right.your suggestions does help.since I am new to Sublime merge it will take time.



Red curly braces have appeared in my keybindings for view in browser due to which that option is not working can I remove the red braces?I deleted them and typed in again but the red persists.



Can you share an image of what you’re seeing? Sounds like the JSON might be invalid; that can happen if you try to add extra bindings in an incorrect manner. Your file should look something like the default one of the left when you open the key bindings window.



My view in browser was opening in safari.I wanted it to open in chrome as well as Firefox so for testing I changed the keybindings to safari long was working fine but when I tried to add for chrome and Firefox the red curly braces appeared.sure will send an image



Problem solved.corrected the code bindings.