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Config files for different architectures



Is it possible to have config files for differente architectures ?

It would work like the keybinds - as im using Sublime2 in linux and mac i have to change the fonts and fontsizes everytime i change the architectures and it is kinda annoying.

SublimeText is one of the greatest tools i have been using, thanks a lot for the time spent in it development =)



The topic’s a draft, but this is definitely possible: … tings.html



Hi guillermooo,

Do you know if it works ? I created these files in Packages/User:

Base File.sublime-settings
Base File (Linux).sublime-settings
Base File (OSX).sublime-settings

And i keep gettings the contents of:

Base File.sublime-settings

Also, if i remove the above file, i lose all preferences (ie, it does not find Base File (Linux).sublime-settings).

Am i making something wrong ?

Thanks a lot for your time and help =)



Hey dsarch,

I’ve just tried and, on Windows, the platform-specific file’s indeed only picked up under Packages/Default, not under Packages/User. Looking at the official docs at, this seems to be deliberate, but I think it’d be useful if they worked under other folders too.