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Concurrency practice for handling plugin I/O requests


Hey all, I’m trying to develop a plugin for Sublime which involves calling an API and handling the response. Currently it works really well, however sometimes the operation take a bit longer (though not noticeable longer) and it triggers the cursor to go into spinning wheel mode. I want to know what is the common practice for plugins to speed up requests sent to APIs? Is it threading? Asynchronous? Multiprocessing? Appreciate any input!



I used threading and sublime.set_timeout_async().

sublime.set_timeout_async() is handy but it actually blocks another ST’s (non-UI) thread so it’s not suitable for a task which may take a long time. Not sure how asyncio may help since I’ve never seen people use it yet.



I’m still learning, so if it’s not too much to ask can you give me some examples of how you handle it? Appreciate your response!


import threading

def my_function(arg1, arg2) -> None:
    print(arg1, arg2)

t = threading.Thread(target=my_function, args=('foo', 'bar'))

# -----------------------------------------------------------

import sublime

sublime.set_timeout_async(lambda: my_function('foo', 'bar'))

All functions scheduled by sublime.set_timeout_async() will run in (the same) another thread synchronously (i.e., they block each other).

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This might help as well How to access thread results

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this is great! Thank you so much!